Who are we?


Xuare is more than your typical integrator – our business is to design, install, and support-automated systems that help manufacturers streamline and improve manufacturing processes to reduce cost and waste.


We are a one-stop shop for all of your process improvement needs.  It may be a control system retrofit, design and fabrication of a custom piece of equipment or identifying a different way of doing something.  All of these lead to one thing, cost savings.


With headquarters and manufacturing in Norwich, CT and a sale, service and design facility in Saltillo, Mexico, Xuare is equipped to handle a wide variety of projects and provide affordable solutions.

  • Design and fabrication of automated equipment.
  • Automation of existing manufacturing line systems to improve efficiency, quality, and reduce scrap and waste, thus reducing the cost to manufacture their products and parts and speeding their delivery to their customers.
  • Refurbishing or repair of existing manufacturing equipment to reduce downtime and eliminate potential cost of replacing equipment. Xuare can quickly get equipment back up and running, in some cases doing repairs onsite for its clients and in some cases bringing equipment into its own facility for more extensive refurbishing, which could include adding controls that will automate equipment and make it easier and more cost-effective to operate.

The company’s automated manufacturing system services include:

  • Design and engineering
  • Programming/PLC-based systems
  • Assembly of automated equipment
  • Project management and on-site support and training
  • Consulting

Peter T. Obuchowski  Owner & President

Peter Obuchowski brings more then ten years of experience in the industrial service to Xuare. His expertise has shaped this business, and has made Xuare into a leader in the industrial automation market.